YoUth PArticipatory budgets

empowering young people using big Data


Fourth Partners’ Meeting in Gdansk

Riga is no stranger to participatory budgeting

Training Seminars for Youth Work Specialists and Educators in Riga


The YUPAD Recipes

The Recipes for the Successful Implementation of Youth Participatory Budget

The EU Youth Strategy emerged from a collaborative dialogue that involved young people from all corners of Europe between 2017-2018. The ultimate...

The YUPAD Fair

YUPAD Fair – Sharing promising examples

YUPAD Fair was carried out in Brussels (May 31st, 2022) based on the previous research on participatory budgeting across Europe. This event...

The YUPAD Cookbook

YUPAD Recipes and YUPAD Cookbook

The main objective of the “Food for thought” work package is to put in place and implement the learning phase of the project (based on previous needs analysis) by compiling a set of...


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